why Dilim Börek


Every store who has grown franchise from Dilim Börek who increase the quality of production every day since its establishment is included in the quality circle of national and international stantards. 

Dilim Börek keeps the taste and the price constant everywhere in the products, it produces by harmonizing the most natural raw materials. The production system is planned according to the standars. 


Education in Dilim Börek; it is a never ending process. Training from the start of the store and the support of specialist personel in change at the field are applied with professional methods. Investors well informed and trained personel support is provided and continuous development of personel is aimed with in-house training programs. 

Every manager involved in the franchisee chain benefits from our supportine guidance in all matters relating to financal, legal and operatinal matters. 


Have being proven business procedurs for 12 years, Dilim Börek constantly improves its technical capabilities and standarts. 


Dilim Börek to investors; investors are constantly supported in reducing costs, protecting quality standarts, increasing customer confidence and loyalty. All investors involved in the franchise chain can benefit from AR-GE activities to learn, implement and to right administrate the strategies for increasing sales properly . 

Under the roof of our brand, teams feel the power of working together and the risks of starting a new business are minimized an then be half. 


Dilim Börek specialists support the franchisee that in choosing a locality for investors, choosing the right location and conducting the necessary feasibility studies. Districts to be allocated to the franchise area are designed as place with a population of at least 100.000, including a few neighborhoods. 

Traditional flavors and Turkish culture Dilim Börek, develops architectural projects suitable for its chosen position in a business alliance with its solution partners. 

Our specialist teams are working in a disciplined manner to provide that the investor will benefit his investment from the beginning to the end of the project. In the process of applying the project, the investor can get plenty of services quickly and easily. 


Studying with professional solution partners in advertising and marketing Dilim Börek carries out the central advertising activities up to date and communications with the customer via national advertising studies. 


Over 1 milyon customers registired at the call center and a loyalty customer portfolio that Dilim Börek has sales the investors ready turnover customers and planners can be eaisly reached. 

Dilim Börek ready customers and turnover franchise model aims to reach investors with low investment and realistic turnover. 

The investors who brings the Dilim Börek flavor to the customer invests in the future because of know-how that the main company will include in the franchise system. With 444 4 356 (ALO DLM) flavor lines and a special software program, orders enter the store's system online. Thanks to the call center software that is developed to be compatible with the electronic system used in the store, performance tracking ordering process and performance reports of the stores are easily reached.