our story of taste

Our Story of Taste 

Dilim Börek has started its flavor journey in 2003, in 2015 it took part in Payna Group. It has been serving with educated and experienced staff in flavor stops at Anatolia and Europe parts of İstanbul. It aims to reach customers satisfaction with its perfection. 

Dilim Börek tries to prepare traditional flavors with first class ingredients and without using any additives. Dilim Börek tries to regenerate and improve the quality. Dilim Börek is the first in the area with flavor line 444 4 356 (ALODLM); they work with free home delivery. 

It has been producing in highly and technologically developed places with BRC standards since 2011. Dilim Börek presents traditional flavors of Turkish taste with rich menu of baked product. Dilim börek services a dynamic service with experienced management and more than 300 staff. 

It has the instution culture it follows the latest developments in the area with its AR-GE studies. 

Our Vision 

Dilim Börek, aims to increase the quality of service provided in every area by keeping 100% customer satisfaction in the fast groving food sector. In short turn in İstanbul and Anatolia to grow the franchise network and become a pie of Turkey and aim to provide world famous reputation with traditional flavors in the long term. 

Our Mission 

Since it's foundation, Dilim Börek has been increasing the quality of its services by adding innovations of today's technology, which develops day to day. To bring customer satisfaction to the highest level by taking into consideration the changing needs of Dilim Börek consumers who deliver the best quality products to the most suitable price to customers.